Engine Mods

When we talk about any engine mods, the first thing that comes in mind is "porting". Well, porting is something that I guess is more of a lingo with not only RD owners, but the owners of most of the 100cc bikes around. Many a bike owner is lured into the trap of mechanics who claim to boost power by porting their barrels, well I for one have been a victim too. Most or maybe all the mechanics I have been to, barring one, know zilch about porting. So giving your barrels to them could as well be farewell...!!

Well in this space, I will try and share with you all the mods I have tried out on my bike. I really feel that anyone who wants to carry out these do-it-yourself mods should either have plenty of back-up spares or have a parts bike, so that even if anything goes wrong, you can always revert to the stock arrangement.

I have learnt most of this stuff from reading and by keeping in touch with some great guys like Ron Chinoy and my mechanic John from whom I have not only learnt a lot, but have been inspired to try out my own stuff.


1) Cylinder head modification

2) Porting