More RD Sites

These are some more sites which are dedicated to spearheading the RD into the 21st century. some of these sites are really fabulous and provide in depth info on many aspects of the RD. Do go through as many sites as you can.

This site is managed by Rohinton Chinoy, based in Bangalore (India). His site also features his very own drag bike.

As the name suggests, this is a  site totally dedicated to air cooled RDs. Good info and many nice pictures.

Home of Alek Linefeed's RD. A site with great pictures and some good info. Very good BBS.

A great site with loads of technical articles and literature. A must see for all 2 stroke fans

Ric Naylor's team...have a look and see what they do with RDs!!! I features their very own drag bike which currently holds the record for the fastest moving RD.


Online traders for RD spares:

Online shopping centers to fulfill all your RD needs. They have all the possible spares you might need for your bike