My Bike

These are pictures of my bike, this is an '85 model LT. I bought this bike in junk for about 8000 Rs. I have had her now for about 8 years now. This bike was previously owned by a carpenter who had reduced the bike to junk.


After I did up my bike the first time

r3.jpg (39813 bytes)    r8.jpg (36671 bytes)    r9.jpg (27579 bytes)


After I did it up for the second time:

blue_bike.jpg (56750 bytes)    blue_rd.JPG (27099 bytes)   

 blue_rd2.JPG (54418 bytes)


After the third time:

bike11.jpg (50900 bytes)        bike2.jpg (48514 bytes)        bike3.jpg (47228 bytes)     bike4.jpg (54081 bytes)        bike5.jpg (52024 bytes)    


This is how she looks now with stickers:

      new1.jpg (71733 bytes)        new2.jpg (60340 bytes)        new5.jpg (63216 bytes)

My new Project :

yeah...she's a dump!! I bought her for 2500 Rs without papers. I will be doing this bike up in about a month's time...this is my candidate for all the mods I can think of!!! I will post new pictures as soon as I am done.


myRD350.wma (approx. 1 MB) This is what my bike sounded like, the first time she was cranked up after a rebuild. To download, please right click on the link and select "Save target as".


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